Our proposal to redesign the Warsaw Rotunda enwreathes the existing structure in a pleated Dupont Corian Terra canopy that provides a space for events, exhibitions, and performances.   The Rotunda  facade and roof is reclad in Dupont SentryGlas  to house a rain garden of native Polish vegetation that can absorb stormwater from the surrounding hardscape.  The space can be reserved for special celebrations like weddings and parties and to house exhibitions and installations.   Rainwater filters through the center of the new powdercoated steel center column  into a reservoir for plant irrigation. The underside of the canopy becomes a reflective canvas that can be uplit to create a dramatic light show. An elevated outdoor amphitheater provides a space for public gatherings and performances as well as a connection to an indoor mezzanine.

The Polish climate is highly favorable for solar energy harvesting, and the country is a leader in the production of solar collectors. The faceted panels on the expansive canopy roof are laminated with thin film photovoltaic cells using Dupont encapsulants and resins to power events within the space.  The plaza surface is configured as concentric rings.  The outermost band  is a reflective Corian surface that mirrors the underside of the canopy.  The middle band is a gravel  and planting swath held in place by Dupont Plantex that enables groundwater runoff to be funneled into the reservoir.  The inner ring is a pool of water that reflects the new facade of the Rotunda.