Tirana Flux Exchange [FL-EX] is a proposal for a multimodal transportation hub and new urban landscape model for the Albanian capital positioned to greatly expand the scope and connectivity of the city’s infrastructural networks. FL-EX connects the existing HSH Railway and intercity bus lines with a new airport transit, bike, and pedestrian paths linking the historic urban center to international transportation systems. This hub also acts as a nexus of commerce where strands of retail, office, and housing blocks thread across the landscape to create a new constructed ground that supports urban agricultural production, community recreational and entertainment spaces, and sustainable roof systems. A large public entry plaza and bus station to the south and an outdoor amphitheater toward the east engage the main highway that leads toward the city center. A series of recreational sports fields, tree groves and community gardens are concentrated along the north edge. A satellite university housing complex at the northeast corner provides a new node of connection for the educational institutions distributed throughout the region. The profiles of the new building masses on the site deliberately recall the silhouettes of the Dajti Mountains that bound the northern edge of the city.