In this project, two apartments on the 10th and 11th floors of a condo conversion in Tribeca were combined vertically to create a duplex that functioned like a house, with breathtaking north- and east-facing views of the midtown skyline. The owners’ original apartment on the 11th floor became an open living room/kitchen/dining room space with a separate office and family room.

The material palette is light and reflective with a variety of neutral textures inserted as focal points. High-gloss lacquered kitchen cabinets reflect the northern light and views into the space.

The maple floors throughout were bleached to bring them out as a light textured ground to unify the living spaces. At the entry, two walls at right angles were painted a steel gray to provide depth and focus to the living space. At the stair, a double-height wall of rough-cut tile provides visual interest and sectional continuity between the floors. The stairs were conceived as floating horizontal planes captured between glass surfaces and supported along a center steel spinal stringer. The landing incorporates a bench that perfectly frames a view of the Empire State Building through the adjacent window.

The lower level was partitioned off to maximize functionality and privacy. The bathrooms are grouped against the building core, and the central hallway leads to an eggplant-hued plane that redirects the path toward the master suite on one side and a light-filled corner playroom on the other, from which the two children’s bedrooms can be accessed.